Founded in 2013, La Galerie d'art Factory has already represented around twenty emerging artists from Quebec. Previously located on St-Joseph Street in Quebec, the gallery stood out for its offering of quality works and artists, its extraordinary events and its industrial decor.

The artist, Cynthia Coulombe Bégin became the sole owner almost 18 months after its opening. The extraordinary circumstances led him to transform the company. Factory then becomes a nomadic gallery with a trailer and various exhibition partners across Quebec City. It was in 2016 that the artist made the decision to concentrate all his energies in his creation and his personal career. Galerie Factory will now serve as an online store representing high-end products like his works. This allows Cynthia to fully realize herself, her art and her influence evolve at high speed. Her work is represented in images alongside great Quebec historical painters during the St-Jean Baptiste television show on the Plains of Abraham in 2018. In 2019, she created giant works for the popular television show La Voix (Portraits of four coaches and exhibitions of works in the settings). Large-scale solo exhibitions follow one another, notably Le Corps à Coeur in the famous Corno Gallery in Montreal in 2021. Since 2016, she has been represented in 9 permanent art galleries in Canada and internationally in addition to her participations in major international art fairs: Palm Springs, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Hong Kong, London and Singapore.

During this time, children grow up in an environment conducive to creation. Alycia is now 11 years old and she is launching her collection of jewelry made from pieces of paintings from her mother's works. Galerie d'art Factory is an online store where you will find a high quality of original gift ideas.

An artist of dual North American nationality born in Miami in 1984, CCB grew up in Quebec where she obtained a bachelor's degree in visual arts in 2006 at Laval University. The artist uses his various artistic training taught by his parents from a young age, in order to develop his own language. More specifically, dance and martial arts help her develop her personality and her aesthetic linked to the body, which she exploits in her pictorial practice. CCB began her professional artistic career upon leaving University at the Marius Barbeau Museum with a first Solo, Traces Corporelles, in 2006. She accumulated her experience with exhibitions in different galleries and private companies, prizes and collective events at the Quebec and internationally.